Notes from the Orchard - May 2018


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May 2018


Most of the prayers we see or hear are asking for something and hopefully we remember to thank God for those which appear to be answered the way we would like. The ones which do not seem to get the answers we want are either forgotten or draw comments such as ‘God never answers my prayers!’  


We grow older though not necessarily wiser. The pessimists among us just give up, while the optimists carry on praying, though often with less confidence as time goes by.


I commented to a friend the other day what a remarkable woman our Queen was. While she agreed she said she didn’t find it particularly surprising since she was probably prayed for than any one other single individual in the country. ‘Long live our noble Queen!’


There must be very few people among those who pray who do not pray for peace in this sad world, and most likely recently for God to help us sort out the dangerous situation in the Korean peninsula with the threat of nuclear war hanging like the sword of Damocles over all of us.


True, Kim Jong Un has an unfortunate public record of speaking the truth and it isn’t surprising that in a cynical world where truth is so little valued that the head of North Korea isn’t believed but still many, many people of faith in God continue to pray for peace.


Do you remember those splendid Victorian tapestries which exhorted us all to ‘Trust in God’? Let us do that and trust in the words of Jesus which coincidentally appear in the quote from St. John’s Gospel on the day I write these words:


‘My dear people, if we cannot be condemned by our own conscience we need not be afraid in God’s presence, and whatever we ask him we shall receive because we keep his commandments and live the kind of life that he wants. His commandments are these: that we believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and that we love one another as he told us to.’ (1 John 3:18-24 NJB version)


So, let us believe those words and continue to pray with hope and trust for the leaders of both North and South Korea, for their people and for the whole world.  Amen.



Sarah Bell