Notes from the Orchard - April 2018

Easter Sunday


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April 2018


To any or all who may read these notes, early or late for the actual day, it brings good news. Not the news too many people encounter in this twenty-first century – not the fashionable ‘Fake News’, nor the trivial news so beloved of whatever newspapers have survived, not the gossip, the slander, the lies which beguile us.


For the splendour of Easter and its message, along with the joys and beauty of Spring in our northern lands recovering from a difficult Winter, let us thank the Lord.


What does Easter mean? Not the word, of course, but how many people in our country know what Easter is all about? Not many, judging by the reports from the surveys.  Most Christians are rather scared to bring it up in conversation, or anything else about what we believe. We British don’t really like to talk about what is closest to our hearts and beliefs. We shut them away in some kind of closet for fear of exposing ourselves in some way and push anything connected with private thoughts to the very back of our minds.  Even if we would like to talk about such things we keep them hidden for fear we really haven’t thought very much about them and are afraid to show our ignorance.


Most of what we know about our faith we learnt in school and that mainly in our primary years. Since then, have we made any progress in developing any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ or is he just a memory getting dimmer and dimmer as the years pass?


Or do we practice talking direct to God the Father, Father God? Do we ever address our prayers to Jesus himself?


When you were at school, did you make new friends by talking to their mums or dads at the school gate or did you open up the chance of a new friendship by talking directly to the children in the school?


Next time you pray go first to Jesus and don’t worry about the words. They don’t have to be somebody else’s words out of a book: look into your heart and see the words you will find written there. Tell him what’s happening to you, what you’re feeling at the moment, what you’re happy about, what you’re worried about.


Try it, practice it, make a habit of it and see what happens.  Then look up the last line in the Gospel of Saint Matthew….


’And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.’





Sarah Bell


Highly recommended reading:  The Way Opened Up by Jesus (Jose A. Pagola) 

ISBN: 978-1-934996-28-7.  Expensive but worth every penny!