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Beautifully hand crafted 3D images of Sailing charts, made by local artist Katy Bell





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April 2018

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© Katy Bell

I sit at my computer towards the end of a month, writing these ‘More Notes from The Orchard’ although I have no idea whether they are ever read.  I do know that over the last few months, since just before Christmas, that they have been somewhat irregular.


My life has been disturbed since the beginning of December – mostly because of age, together with damage from a fall and the end of my being able to drive around.  I am hoping that things, now somewhat improved, will calm down.  

Calm down?  If you have a large family as I do and for which I am very grateful, you will know that whatever else is going on, all sorts of unexpected contingencies arise which does mean life is never like sailing along on a glassy sea with just enough wind to keep the progress calm, steady and peaceful.


If you have nothing better to do on the odd occasion, please say a prayer for us all that weather improves and continues into something more resembling spring. . .


But let’s not limit our prayers to such mundane things as weather:  instead we should remember how sin started in our world: disobedience, lying, envy which led so quickly to murder and estrangement.


Dear Lord, help us to be truthful, kind and compassionate and grant us the peace for which we all so deeply long but sadly rarely deserve.