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Beautifully hand crafted 3D images of Sailing charts, made by local artist Katy Bell





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November 2018

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Dear Visitors to Sarah’s Pips,


How lovely to see you again!  I was beginning to think we might have all forgotten each other but there, computers are strange things, almost as odd as people. . .


Let us hope things will work more smoothly after the upheavals of the summer and autumn – but we can make absolutely no complaints about the weather which has been outstanding.


LEST WE FORGET - 1918 - 2018

Edgar Bell meets his Great-great-grandfather, Eugene ‘Micky’ Ryan,

via the biography written by his Grandson

based on the papers of Col. Eugene ‘Micky’ Ryan CMG DSO RAMC

and edited by his Grandson, Eugene Patrick Ryan,

Professor of Mathematics at Bath University

Published by www.pen-and-sword.co.uk


Edgar (b. 2003) made this film as his own tribute to his Great-great-grandfather

after a school trip to Ypres in 2016 and reading his cousin’s biography.