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trees and NO amdg

November 2017

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,

No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,


Last few lines from ‘November’ a poem by Thomas Hood  


And you, English soldiers fallen on the field,

Corpses hideously clothed in lime,

Heroes, whose height is measured now

Along the length of your green graves.  

Let us, since now forever you will be our guests,

In multitudes, to fill the soil with your decay,

Let us, kneeling here among the high-grown grass,

Make no distinction in our dead and you.

O, English soldiers, share our Gallic honour.

If you, in endless exile, count such homage crushing,

We will beg the winds to bring you every day

The perfume of your cliffs like a great bouquet.


Translation from the French

‘Les Commandements du Destin’ (1921)

Francois Porché


Et vous, soldats anglais, tombés dans la bataille,

Cadavres de chaux vive atrocement couverts,

Héros, dont mantenant nous mesurons la taille

Par la longueur des tertres verts,

Souffrez, puisque demain vous resterez nos hôtes,

Nombreux, renflant le sol de funèbres talus,

Souffrez, qu’agenouillés parmi les herbes hautes,

Entre vous and nos morts nous ne distinguions plus.

Anglais, soyes unis à nos gloires françaises.

Si votre exil sans fin rend ces honneurs trop lourds,

Nous supplierons les vents d’apporter tous les jours,

Comme un grand bouquet frais, l’odeur de vos falaises.


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